Implementation of Coaching Culture

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them” John Withmore

I assist your organisation to create a highly engaged and appreciative culture through helping them to move from a TELLING culture to a ASKING culture.

This is done from the TOP level modeling behaviour downwards supported by your HR team acting as change agents.

Culture Audits

Through the use of qualitative interviews and interpreting results through research, I conduct culture audits to assist companies through culture change initiatives. This helps companies to identify where they are and where they would like to move to. For example, through the audit it might be clear that a company is still operating as an traditional organisation and I help identify which changes needs to be made to move towards a model 21st Century company.

Organisational level Interventions

I specialize especially in assisting organisations in creating culture change through effective change management and organisational intervention such as:

    - Driving Performance (include investigating your Performance Management Systems, Talent Management as well as   Leadership Development)

    - Driving Diversity Management

    - Driving a Coaching Culture

Strategic Goal Setting

I assist organisations to truly understand their WHY (See Simon Sinek start with WHY), their CORE Purpose, Values and Visions. I facilitate strategic goalsetting sessions with Executive Teams through utilizing techniques such as De Bono Thinking Hats, Appreciative Inquiry and Speed Thinking. Through doing this I assist the company to design or re-design their values, vision and strategic goals.