Through a collaborative and personalised approach I speak into the hearts and minds of my clients, together creating the…

 Since everything is interconnected I seek to understand each component of your organisation: From its heartbeat (Organisational Culture), to how things are done (Teamwork) to your greatest asset namely your Individual employees. Having experience across the value chain and partnering with the right associations (such as UFS Business School), I guarantee a high quality intervention which will drive sustainable behaviour change and have an overall impact on your strategic imperatives.



My name is Joyce Ras and I am the proud owner and director of Capability2Lead.
As a registered Industrial psychologists I apply scientifically proven techniques such as Appreciative Inquiry, Thought Self Leadership, Psychometrics and Coaching to Ignite the Potential2Perform on all organisational levels.
I don’t believe in “one solution fits all” approach but rather in solutions tailored to fit your specific organisational needs and linked to your KPI’s and strategic objectives. For more information contact me at:

+27 82 520 0462
HPCSA reg. : PS0111953   

Service offerings summarised

Igniting Potential on
  Individual Level

  • Executive Coaching
  • Psychometric Assessments for Selection and Individual development and awareness
  • Training and Development
  • Customized accredited MDP Leadership Program in partnership with UFS Business School
  • Strategic Business Partnership Soft Skills Training and Coaching

Igniting Potential on
  Team Level

  • Team Coaching
  • Psychometric Assessments for team awareness
  • Training and Development
  • Team Goal Setting and Strategic Sessions

Igniting Potential on
  Organisational Level

  • Implementation of Coaching Culture in Organisation
  • Organisational Culture Audits
  • Organisational Level Interventions
  • Organisational Strategic Sessions and Goal setting